Hates Craig and is a host. She died in Episode 50, tackling Willem Dafoe out of an office window, and was replaced six episodes later by Paulson Sear.

Described by Jim Sterling as "one of the finest legal minds of her generation" after her death, Caitlin happily went along with the devious and ethically-challenged proposals of her colleagues, just as long as the chances of being sued were minimal/non-existent.

Caitlin liked to hand grind her coffee beans, which for her, meant actually crushing the individual beans with her fingers.

Caitlin's hatred of Craig the intern was so intense that her last words, whilst tackling Willem Dafoe out of an upper-storey window and falling to her death, were to "tell Craig he's a diiiiiiiiiiiiiick....". Upon her death, Jim and Conrad went to lunch.

Caitlin's funeral was handled by FistShark. Instead of being buried or cremated, her body was thoroughly biologically plundered by the company, and her remaining parts were auctioned off. Her personal effects were divided among the staff in a violent scramble that took place before the paramedics arrived.