"CRAIG!!" -Jim Limpett

Craig the Intern (Or simply Craig.), is the intern at FistShark Marketing. Despised by The Executives and many other employees at FistShark to a point where he's treated as inhuman, Craig is often tortured in the most inhumane ways and performs the chores of The Executives without pay nor gratitude, all the while being accused of crimes he didn't commit or becoming the scapegoat for actions which were caused by The Executives. Edit

Company History Edit

Craig was first mentioned in FistShark Marketing 01: Dean Cain The Dog Walker, and would make further appearances from here-on-out. In these early recordings, Craig was treated slightly different by The Executives, because though he was abused in order to have jokes at his expense (Such as having a mask of Donatello glued to his head and being forced to fuck a Mac because "Donatello does machines".), the acts were done to make jest of Craig, even though they clearly went too far, instead of being out of a belief that he deserves punishment, as The Executives often express their disappointment in Craig in how he never likes their "pranks". However, this would quickly turn much more sour, as their later actions became far more hostile towards Craig, looking for any reason to torture him, such as accusing him of Witchcraft in order to burn him, or looking at any response of his that asks them to stop torturing him as whining at best, or complete abuse at worst. Episode 50: Operation Die Hard had him climbing through the vents, following the plan by the company for a hostage takeover like that which could occur, in order to turn off power to the building. However, much of the plan was hindered by traps and painful obstacles, such as barbed wire or a pit full of scorpions, which were installed as a surprise for Conrad's birthday. After Caitlin's death, her will simply stated "Fuck up Craig", which Jim and Conrad did to a point where they started to cry out of exhaustion.

Much of the same happened after the Dafoe Break-in, Craig still being abused often. When thePolitical Marriage between Polished Response and FistShark occurred, Craig was singled out as the groom for the marriage, since it would make him miserable. However, this would turn out to be to their detriment, as the marriage relinquished all rights to use Craig to his wife, Holly, meaning they couldn't use him all the time.