Scarlett Johansson Lied To Us is the second recorded meeting of FistShark Marketing. In this recording, the executives, in their roles as leaders of the Fun Committee, discuss their plans for Casual Fridays, concoct some advertising ideas for the TastyMan line of edible underwear, decide how to deal with Robin Thicke's violent "tendencies" and belief that he may be Beetlejuice, and analyze the results of the Illuminus pill and how to market it.

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The meeting begins with Jim announcing that their volunteering for positions on the FistShark Fun Committee has been accepted, meaning that they now have the task of helping company morale. Believing they now how to deal with stress and make a good time, the executives believe they'd be perfect at this, reminiscing about the time Jim smashed the windshield of Craig the Intern's car to everyone's (except Craig's) delight, or the other time when they found a white powder in his desk and replaced it with baby laxative, once again creating a laugh until the pipes got clogged and the CDC had to come in. After going off track and defending their actions of accidentally blowing up Craig's house and feeding his dog rice as simply great moments of comedy, they get back on track, with Conrad suggesting they create a sort of Casual Friday. Jim agrees, stating how everything that's casual is good. He then also admits that he's writing a fun seminar on fun, involving casualness, which they'll make (not force) everyone have to attend and have fun, stating that "your going to have fun, or... your not gonna have fun", before clarifying that it's not a threat.

Caitlin then suggests that they take Casual Friday's to a new level by allowing casual sex in the office, and puts forth ideas like condom tables and informational handouts on STDs for everyone's safety to make sure everyone is prepared before they go out and do it. Jim further elaborates on Caitlin's idea by suggesting a "hyper-casual" atmosphere of condoms,

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  • The Fun Gestapo Jim suggests