Welcome to the FistShark Marketing Archives!Edit

Welcome, dear consumers, to the officially unofficial archives of FistShark Corporation! Here, documents and histories about clients, employees, cases, events, etc. are detailed and posted in a way that's uncomfortable and intrusive, and released unto the internets for all others to feel uncomfortable and intruded!

What is FistShark Marketing?Edit

FistShark Marketing is a roleplaying comedy podcast, starring Jim Sterling and Conrad Zimmerman, along with a number of other hosts. Set in the titular fictional company, it follows the misadventures of its incompetent executives. It is here where they discuss the topics of the week, which includes Craig the Intern being a shit, Gordon Ramsey being stuck on an island full of dogs, beasts of a lovecraftian variety entering our reality through the break room, and much more! Inspired by the crazy & insane moments of Podtoid, such as the Willem Dafoe Movie Pitches, FistShark is a perfect continuation of those moments, with some additional corporate satire.

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