These are various places noted in FistShark Archives.

Boston Landmarks & Places Edit

Geographic Features Edit

  • The Boston Forest: One of the go-to places for Corey Feldman when he is lost in the city, the forest of Boston is known for the unusual amount of wolves in the area.
  • The Boston Bog: The bog is a rather strange place, left mostly undeveloped by man. The area is the other go-to place for Corey Feldman when he is lost in the city, and is host to the Shaman.
    • The Shaman's Hut: Home to the shaman, this is where the FistShark company goes for its Bi-Annual Shaman Review.

Cities Edit

  • Boston: The city in which the HQ of FistShark is located, it is often the testing ground for the various products released by the company, and where many of FistShark's clients are. It is unknown whether this is based on the real-life city or if it is its own location. Look at the heading above for info about notable local places in the city.
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