Marketing Executives Edit

As the penultimate leaders to the company (Second to the Senior Partners), the marketing executives are the primary driving forces of the rest of the company, working across all divisions. On a weekly/biweekly basis, they come together for a meeting to solve problems, create new products, etc.

Name First Appearence Last Appearence Status
Jim Sterling* Episode 1: Dean Cain The Dog Walker Still working (As of 2018) Alive
Conrad Zimmerman* Alive
Caitlin Cooke Episode 50: Operation Die Hard Deceased
Paulson Sear Episode 56: Going Soft Episode 100: Marriage of Inconvenience Deceased

*Senior executives: A sort of unofficial title, this is for the fact that, in real life, they are the primary organizers of the podcast.

Staff Edit

Name Occupation/Role First appearence
Craig the Intern Intern Episode 1: Dean Cain the Dog Walker
Dr. Nightscream Corporate Doctor; Episode 10: Calling Dr. Nightscream
Senior Partners Senior Partners
Craig (the Raccoon) Employee Episode 4: Robin Thicke's Make-Out Factory
Doris Secretary
Edgar Mailroom Delivery

Other Edit

FistSharké Marketing Edit

Name Job Episode
Laura Kate Dale Executive Episode 42: Love in a Dark Place
Derek Intern Episode 42: Love in a Dark Place